W.E. Companies


Nondestructive Testing for Land, Offshore and Deepwater Operations

W.E. Companies’ Inspection Division provides mobile onsite non-destructive testing to examine drill string components and accessories used throughout the oil and gas industry. All Level II NDT technicians are trained, examined, and certified in accordance to SNT-TC-1A, latest revision, to ensure that quality services performed exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our team of technicians strive to uphold the highest quality of services performed by managing the NDT process from initial inspection of the downhole equipment and tubulars to final certification of CCU’s prior to shipping to the client’s location. All Level II technicians are proficient in DS-1, TS-2, API, Rigging Gear/Sling Inspection, 3rd party monitored inspections, and transit container specifications. As an added convenience, our online CCU certifications are accessible through our website login page for easy retrieval.

Below are the services that can be performed onsite at your location or W.E. Companies is capable of honoring those same services offsite at its facility. 

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Inspection
  • Thread Visual Inspection
  • Drill Stem Inspections
  • Bottom Hole Assembly Inspection
  • CCU Fleet Management
  • CCU Load Testing and NDT Inspection
  • Single Eye Pull Testing and NDT Inspection
  • Sling Re-Certification Services